Program Manager - DOD Secret 

Ft Belvoir

Billet Description: Day-to-day manager of the REF Professional Services contractor workforce.
Billet Roles and Responsibilities:
• The contractor shall be full-time, onsite at the REF Headquarters on a daily basis to oversee daily operations of REF contractor support.  The contractor shall maintain daily oversight of activities and projects assigned to the prime and subcontractors.
• The contractor shall serve as the executive manager of assistant program managers and work with subcontractors to ensure effective communication between all contractors.
• The contractor shall work with subcontractor task monitors (if assigned) to ensure timely and accurate completion of assigned tasks.
• The contractor shall provide all document/data deliverables, as specified in Part 5, Technical Exhibit 2 of this PWS.
• The contractor shall communicate through the COR on contractual issues which may affect both the prime contractor and the REF.
• The contractor shall respond as quickly as possible to any concerns pertaining to the contract or contractor staff that are raised by REF leadership and communicated through the COR.
• The contractor shall make employment changes as appropriate to ensure proper staffing of the REF to effectively meet the mission and requirements of this PWS. 
• The contractor shall provide oversight and guidance to prime and subcontractor employees on program concerns and or any problems that arise.
• The contractor shall provide recommendations to the COR when a position is vacated and must be filled. 
• The contractor shall oversee, review, and approve all travel made by contractors or subcontractors.
• The contractor shall submit and execute a management plan, physical security plan, safety plan and a Quality Control Plan to the Government. These plans shall be updated as appropriate, with all changes submitted to the Government at least 10 days prior to implementation.
Educational Requirements: Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.
Experience Requirements: Ten (10) years experience in managing large complex projects and ten (10) years of military experience, obtained either concurrently or separately.