TSI provides you the very best value through inspired service.


At TSI, our passion is to provide unmatched customer service and agility for clients who may have challenging requirements in complex environments.  We seek strong relationship with the customer to ensure that we consistently meet or exceed their needs.  We rely on our dedicated employees to expertly deliver our services from our “customer is always right” corporate culture.  We continuously seek to grow our understanding of our customers and their goals.  We adapt rapidly to incorporate best practices and meet dynamic customer requirements to remain leaders in our industry by providing the best value to our customers. TSI takes pleasure in giving of our time, talents, and resources to make a positive impact as members of our communities.


Selfless Service
We honor federal service members and their families.  Similarly, we desire to provide service to our nation ahead of self-interests.    

Customer Service
The customer is always right. We provide “5-star” services and experiences for our customers and our partners.

We value and uphold the highest moral, legal, and ethical business standards.

We plan for and expect excellent results.  We communicate often to make certain we are maintaining our path towards achieving excellence every day.

We value being the most responsive company for the customer by providing direct access to corporate leadership and empowering our workforce.

We value competition within our industry and company. Iron sharpens iron.

We value winning.  Endure and persevere.  We move further, faster and fight harder than any other to serve our customer.