Senior Army Staff Consultant - DOD Secret

Ft Belvoir

Billet Description: Facilitator of coordination between REF and primary Headquarters Department of Army (HQDA) Staff on all matters relating to REF.
Billet Roles and Responsibilities:
• The contractor shall serve as the primary interface between the REF and all elements of the HQDA Staff in order to maintain visibility on upcoming events and issues that may be of interest to REF leadership or the organization as a whole.
• The contractor shall consult regularly with HQDA or Joint Staff to develop a schedule of meetings with relevancy to REF and attend them as necessary.
• The contractor shall maintain oversight of the Congressional Budgetary process as it relates to the REF and inform REF leadership of key upcoming events, key past events, and outstanding information requirements requiring an organizational response.
• The contractor shall attend off-site meetings (i.e. with Joint Staff or Joint Organizations) if determined necessary by COR.
• The contractor shall facilitate, as necessary, visits to the Pentagon by REF leadership or other organizational personnel for meetings.
Educational Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university.
Experience Requirements: Ten (10) years of total Army experience at one of the following:   Active Duty Officer (O)-4 or above, civilian at General Schedule (GS)-13 or above.  Experience must be with Army Division (i.e., 82nd Airborne) or Higher Staff (Army General Staff 3-5-7 or equivalent) and include financial management-budget experience within those roles. Experience must also include three (3) years working as an Army Staff Officer in some capacity with duty at the Pentagon, Washington, District of Columbia.  All experience requirements may be met concurrently or separately.