Senior Strategic Planner - DOD Secret 

Ft Belvoir

Billet Description: Strategic-level organizational planner and advisor to the REF Director and REF Deputy Director.
Billet Roles and Responsibilities:
• The contractor shall serve as a trusted advisor to both the REF Director and REF Deputy Director.
• The contractor shall make recommendations to the REF Director and/or REF Deputy Director on a wide variety of issues and how best to proceed in order to meet the REF Director’s intent while keeping in line with the overall strategic vision of the organization
• The contractor shall assist the REF in the refinement, evolution and communication of an organizational vision for the REF.
• The contractor shall assist the REF in the evolution and implementation of the mission statement, and document revisions to the mission via modifications to the concept plan, Temporary Duty Assignment (TDA) or General Order as required.
• The contractor shall maintain visibility on any recurring information requirements for HQDA or other higher organizations.  As necessary, the contractor shall collect this information from internal REF divisions, package it appropriately, and ensure we meet any suspense given for that information requirement.
• The contractor shall prepare a wide variety of briefings, as necessary, by collecting and packaging information from both internal and external sources.  The contractor shall ensure all briefings meet their intents as conveyed and are completed in a timely fashion in accordance with their assigned suspense.
Educational Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university.
Experience Requirements: Twenty (20) years of total Active Duty Army experience at one of the following:   O-5 or above, civilian at GS-14 or above.  Experience must be with Army Division (i.e., 82nd Airborne) or Higher Staff (Army General Staff 3-5-7 or equivalent) and include financial management-budget experience within those roles.