Professional Leadership Development 


Thomas Solutions Incorporated possesses exceptionally qualified subject matter experts in Defense, Intelligence, Special Operations, and other specializations. We have extensive experience providing and designing coaching, training, and developing business, military, community, and individual leaders. Our seminars located just outside of Washington, D.C. are unmatched in their effectiveness to strengthen human and institutional resources, readiness, life cycles, preparation, and personal growth. 

What Do Participants Learn?

- Situational Leadership

- Organizational Leadership

- Building Winning Teams

- Executive Training 

- Adventure Training & Team Building

- Maximizing Performance

- Time Management

- Stress Management

- Decision Making

Who Should Attend?

All individuals, teams, and organizations looking to improve their personal and organizational leadership. We tailor our seminars for your needs to honor your time and willingness to be a continued learner.

Where can I receive more information?

Please email us with your inquiry at