Problem Solved.

We design and provide training, services, and products for the Special Operations, Intelligence, and commercial sectors.

TSI supports national and strategic requirements. We provide and design exceptional training, services, and products for the Special Operations, Intelligence, and commercial sectors. In addition, we are the service provider to Army Special Operations Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape training.






Technical Instruction


Technical instructors who excel at delivering services to build capacity and provide highly specialized training. We support diverse clients from senior level executives to warfighters who are exposed to high risk environments. Our goal is to provide the very best services for the most challenging requirements.


 Subject Matter Experts


Exceptionally qualified subject matter experts for defense intelligence, defense special operations, and other organizations. Our experts have broad backgrounds across the government and provide support directly to senior government decision makers. Our purpose is to provide timely and informed services in order to support customers objectives.

Program Management


High performance management to government customers. We have in-depth experiences providing program management to Federal government projects that support US objectives. Our aim is to provide innovative solutions with applied knowledge and leveraged infrastructure in order to manage customers complex organizational requirements.

Leadership Training


Expanding the capacity of leaders to excel in positions of authority and influence. We have extensive experience coaching, training, and developing business, military, and community leaders to meet complex challenges and objectives.

Research & Analysis


 Evaluate information from all available sources and analyzing it to provide timely and objective assessments. Our team of experts provides comprehensive analysis on economic, counterintelligence, counterterrorism, military, political, and scientific topics of interest to provide objective data to our customers. 

Capacity Building


Developing and strengthening human and institutional resources for U.S. government and other organizations. We have unmatched access to peer networks, training's, and resources. Our focus has been on improving organizational resources, readiness, life cycles, preparation, and growth.