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President's Letter


Welcome and thank you for visiting the TSI website. Our passion is to provide unmatched customer service and agility for clients who may have challenging requirements in complex environments. We seek strong relationship with the customer to ensure that we consistently meet or exceed their needs. We rely on our dedicated employees to expertly deliver our services from our “customer is always right” corporate culture. We continuously seek to grow our understanding of our customers and their goals. We adapt rapidly to incorporate best practices and meet dynamic customer requirements to remain leaders in our industry by providing the best value to our customers. TSI takes pleasure in giving of our time, talents, and resources to make a positive impact as members of our communities.

As a career Army Special Forces Operator with experience in combat, contingency, and other deployments, I am passionate about U.S. national security and U.S. interests. I earned my Master of Business Administration and am deeply aware of the requirements for legal procurement and ethical business operations. Our talented D.C. based business team is committed to delivering customers the very best value through inspired service. If you are interested in a challenging and satisfying career and are passionate about providing services in support of national requirements, please visit our Career page and consider joining the TSI team.

Al Thomas


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